The Smokers Club Editorial Team

The Smokers Club produces original, daily content from New York, Colorado, California, and across the globe. Here’s the team bringing you the freshest hits on the web:

Editor-in-Chief: Jonny Shipes

Smokers Club Founder Jonny Shipes started the club with one mission: unite the cannabis community. With multiple nationwide tours under his and the club’s belt, Jonny also owns Cinematic Music group and manages Joey Bada$$ amongst others.

Managing Editor: Barry Poppins

Barry has been creating cannabis-related content for over five years for places like Weedmaps,, and Now This Weed. He reps the club in Denver, Colorado

Associate Editors:

Hahn Solo: Hahn worked as an editor at Mass Appeal before joining The Smokers Club. He oversees daily content and works for Cinematic Music Group.

Kosta Gator: Kosta bring his Miami blood to the club. Kosta helps curate content for the club when he’s not too busy running FELT, his clothing brand.

Nate Fried: A creative force behind the Club, Nate is responsible for a lot of the designs and imagery you see associated with the club. Nate also runs LBS Clothing.


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