Medicated Weed Steak Sauce Has Arrived

Right on time for July 4 (but too late for some), New England-based edible company Organic Man On the Mountain released what could be the first branded medicated steak sauce. Since I saw the news thanks to IG legend “Cookie Maine”, I’d assume the stuff is available only to patients in Maine or somewhere in that general area.

While I’ve seen a couple of barbecue sauces and some (but not too many) medicated condiments in the past, I’ve never in four years of reading and writing about weed seen a steak sauce infused with THC. If it tastes as good as it looks–and it looks like Luger’s sauce–it’s on the short-list of condiment edibles I need in my life.

With 40o MG for bottle, the stuff could easily get a 10-20 person BBQ pretty lit, depending on the tolerance of attendees:

The stuff looks quite dank:

It’s not the craziest edible application we’ve seen (that would probably be Hot Wings), but it’s one of the more innovative ones out there.



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