First off, shout out to Shiest Bubz for having one of the illest podcasts in hip-hop right now. Episode 7 definitely does not disappoint and takes the Bubz World podcast to another level. When Bubz and his special guest Joey Bada$$ sit down for a conversation, or a “reasoning” as we say in the West Indian culture the two herbalists have a really intense reasoning full of gems. Joey starts off the episode speaking about Synchro Life, being one with the universe, having spiritual knowledge and believing in yourself which is something I preach to almost everyone I know so it’s refreshing to hear other people on the same wave, especially a superstar such as Joey Bada$$. They also touch on the life, legacy, and influence of Capital STEEZ. Professor Badmon also touches on the college lectures he’s been doing as of late, how proud he is of his fellow Pro Era brethren who are also turning into superstars in their own right. For as young as he is, Jozif definitely has an impressive insight and is 1000% on his way to becoming a cultural icon, not just in Hip-Hop but Pop Culture as a whole. Take 24 minutes out of your day to smoke up and listen to Joey and Shiest chop it up and peep the gems.



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