If you’re not familiar with FASHIONSPITTA then you’re sorely missing out on one of the internet’s best kept secrets. The New York/Atlanta native has been setting Instagram newsfeeds, Twitter timelines and Tumblr dashboards on fire ever since I first followed her back in 2010/2011. From her unique style, commentary on current pop-culture, her accounts of pop-culture from yesteryear and of course her creative/style direction work has definitely helped her accumulate quite the impressive resume. Those who know, know. Another thing she’s gained quite a reputation for are her mixes. From her Old School ATL mix to her alternative rock mix and everything in between. She’s hands down one of my favorites right now. So don’t be surprised if you see her spinning at a #MondayWithFriends party sometime in the near future. For her CHECK YOUR VOICEMAIL mix she decided to slow it down a taste and hit us with a sexy selection of obscure, forgotten about R&B slow jams from the 90s. Songs that will make you want to call up the person you have a crush on and tell them how you feel, tell them they should come over for a little rendezvous you know? It’s a real thing. First couple times I listened to this I felt like Eddie Murphy in Boomerang when he was trying to win back the heart of Halle Berry. This is definitely for the sexy, the champagne sippers and joint smokers, this is nothing you smoke a blunt to. This is music you roll up a tight spliff to and catch a vibe. There’s no tracklist either, so you’ll just have to Shazam all these songs if you want to figure out the artist and name. A little mystery and scavenger hunt never hurt anyone right? Get sexy and jiggy with this mix below, follow her and tell her Kolby Turnher from The Smokers Club sent you.



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