New Joint: F1LTHY + Dizzy Santana – Tread Runna + Tread Touchdown (@F1LTHY @Dizzysanlaflare)

Them WORKINGONDYING boys are going absolutely crazy this year. I’ve been hearing many rappers doing tracks over his production as of late, OOGIE MANE, FORZA and The Loosie Mane are all going crazy with their production as well. If you’re not familiar I urge you to do your research after these two bangers featuring Dizzy Santana. Hailing from Philly Dizzy and the WOD collective have been working with each other for as long as I’ve known them and everything has been straight heat. On “Tread Runna” Dizzy speeds his flow up in almost a modern version of that classic Philly flow we’ve heard many spitters from that city come forth with. “Treat Touchdown” however is a two-track mix containing the songs “Came Thru” and “We Gon Make It”. Dizzy raps his ass off on these joints. He’s showing major growth from his 2014 Judgement Day mixtape, hoping we get some visuals and a full project sometime soon. Until then, vibe out with these joints and definitely look into more from this collective.




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