Ah yes, I’ve been waiting for some new tunes from these guys. ILLFIGHTYOU is hands down one of my favorite rap groups right now. Their first self titled project still gets major spins from me. As well as the solo project from another member, UGLYFRANK. This time we get a solo video from the ghost of the group Glenn. From following the group since their inception I would say Glenn is the silent killer of the group. Khris P, who raps and produces and UGLYFRANK are usually the more vocal ones of the group while Glenn isn’t very overly active on the socials, almost stoic. But when homie spits, he moves mountains. They’re honestly one of the best trios in rap right now. Peep below as Glenn premiers a new track via the homies over at NOJUMPER. (what’s up guys!!) If you aren’t familiar with this group at all I’d advise you to check all of their respective accounts as well as the group account. As a bonus I also added a recent song from Glenn titled “CHEW” enjoy!!

Glenn’s SC


Khris P’s SC (attention rappers you might even find yourself a new beat to rap to on this account)


ILLFIGHTYOU SC (UGLYFRANK doesn’t have a personal account)



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