New Joint: Plu2o Nash + Jesse from The Neighbourhood (@Plu2o_Nash @jesserutherford)

What happens when one of Chicago’s hottest producers links up with one of the biggest, most talented, multi-faceted figures in today’s current pop culture? We get anthems like this. Alone is a collaborative effort between Plu2o Nash, who has been working with LUCKI and A$AP Rocky (just to name a few) and lead-singer of The Neighbourhood; Jesse Rutherford. Last time we posted something from Jesse he was rapping but this time the rockstar slows it down and goes back into his R&B-esque vocals. This one is for all the lonely boys out there, roll up, spark up and sing this at the top of your lungs. Stay on the look out for more solo work from Jesse as well as more production work from Plu2o..i’m still itching to hear that song with Rocky + Carti on Nash’s beats.



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