New Joint: Reese – BEFORETHEUNIVERSE 2012-2016 Playlist (@REESElaflare)

While Reese aka Reese Mane La Flare is finishing up on the release of his album Reese Vs The Universe. He self-compiled a “Best Of” playlist on his soundcloud, aptly titled BEFORETHEUNIVERSE. Reese has been a fixture in the underground music scene for a long time, and it’s tight to see him finally get more recognition. He’s been affiliated with a lot of acts who’ve gone on to do pretty big things, while Reese has stayed down and did everything completely independent and has gotten his style jacked from a few during the process. My man is also a pro-skater and his skate team “Pretty Gang” is killing shit out in Atlanta right now. So peep the songs below that span from 2012 all the way to recent 2016. There’s some old classics in there such as “P.S.A.”,  “Molly” and “Simple Conversation” as well as newer tracks like “Freak Nique” and “180secs” (which served as a lightweight diss track aimed at former friend Lil Uzi Vert…not sure where the beef stems from but I want them two to patch things up because WE NEED THAT HOME ECONOMICS MIXTAPE FOR THE CULTURE). So yeah, peep the homie out below and stay tuned for Reese Vs The Universe coming soon. Shouts to my Pretty Gang homies too.





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