New Joint: Schoolboy Q – Groovy Tony (@ScHoolBoyQ)

Late last night it was announced that we’d get some new music from the TDE camp. Twitter went crazy, we didn’t know what to expect. Was it more stuff from Kendrick? New music from Ab-Soul? New SZA? The rumors started swirling. In my mind I had a feeling it would be something new from Schoolboy Q but no one was really sure. When I was notified that it was indeed something new from Q, I was nervous as hell. Wasn’t sure what to expect. You never know what you’re going to get from him. In my opinion he’s one of the most diverse artists in the TDE camp. When I saw the artwork and pressed play on this Groovy Tony  I had a feeling that this was going to be exactly what I wanted from Q. That dark, sinister, high energy gangsta shit. That’s what I love most from Q, so the fact that we have that with an amazing visual in tow. You can’t go wrong. I’m not sure when we’ll get a full project from Q or what it’s going to sound like but if this is the first song we’re getting from the project, I could just imagine what’s next. It’s about to be a really lit summer.



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