PREMIERE: @DerekPopeMusic Breaks Down Three Scenes in “Pool” Video

Oakland singer and producer Derek Pope is a certified black belt at setting a sedated mood. His last project, The Introverted Socialite, sounds like just what the cover art and title denote–a distorted house full of oxymorons that blend together to make a complete image.

The video we’re proud to premiere today plays off the metaphor of the pool Derek sings about on track 5 off The Introverted Socialite. We also had Derek pick three scenes from the video to describe the inspiration and set up behind them. Check those out along with the full video below.

Derek Pope - Pool 1
Derek: We hiked about two miles to reach this location – I wanted something isolated, something that felt like I was at the edge of the world, singing to its deepest valleys. Living in a city like LA, you rarely see pure moments of uncivilized Earth. This represents a big theme in not just this song, but in my music: it’s bigger than me, it’s bigger than all of us. Sometimes you need that reminder.

Derek Pope - Pool 2
Derek: We had to hop a few fences to sneak into this location. I wanted the juxtaposition of an abandoned, run-down area under grey skies next to the sunny, clean pool in the other shots. Besides hoping we wouldn’t get caught for trespassing, I noticed while shooting that there was a flawed beauty to the area. I think that represents another theme in this song: most of the time we focus on the full pool, and forget the times we were standing in the empty one, alone. Sometimes we completely overlook our rougher times, when in reality we can find something positive in every experience.

Derek Pope - Pool 3
Derek: This was one of the craziest things I’ve ever done in a video. We only had one chance to get this shot, because I had only one set of clothes on me and we didn’t have time to dry them and do the shot again. I stood on the edge of the diving board and just committed to it. The impact knocked the air out of my lungs and for a brief second, floating in the water, I thought, “this might be what death feels like.” In the metaphorical sense of the song, falling into a pool is not always a cannonball – sometimes it’s a leap, sometimes a dive, sometimes you fall backwards into it – but no matter what, you re-emerge a different person, painful as it may be.



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