PREMIERE: @retroJACE and @DUCKOMCFLI Explain Three Songs Each Off New ‘Dreams II’ EP

It’s 4/20 and one way we thought we could make your day a little better was with a new EP from Jace (Two-9) and producer Duck Mcfli. It’s a follow up to their Dreams EP and it’s a return to just making music they vibe to personally. Before we talk too much and kill your high, check out the new music below as well as thoughts from both artists on their top three songs.

Ducko Mcfli:

“Remember It All” – This is one of my favorite records on the project, we actually started this record end of 2015, and it was one of those beats I made that I really vibed with and it was actually my first time getting in with him and we did this record first. Fast forward to mid 2017 and now we are finally putting it out.

“Killing It” – This is one of the songs me and Jace both have as one of the top joints, just because as I was making the beat I had Jace in mind. Soon as he heard it he knew where he wanted to go, and it came out like that in my opinion. Those really natural records are always my favorite.

“City’s Mine” – I really fuck with this record just for the fact that it’s one of the songs on here really true to the Dreams sound, and it’s a really introspective song from Jace. Where he’s usually pretty honest on joints, this one had a few “wheee I was like damn… aight.”


“Rollin” – Ceej and Suzy have known each other for a while and he introduced me to him at back at SXSW ’15 and we been cool since. He moved out to the A recently and Ceej threw us in the group chat sayin he was looking for bud for his moms. I hit him back once I found some and he just pulled up. We locked in that night. Ducko ran thru a couple joints and once he found one he liked we just went in. I like when stuff happens organically like that especially musically. It makes the song cooler to me. His reactions to what I had put first just made me that much more excited about dropping it. It came together smooth as hell.

“High/Low”- This song is one of my favorites just because it’s the most true to life for me. If it’s one thing most if not all of my friends do is get high in one form or another. It’s especially true if we’re feeling down about something. It’s like tradition or conditioning. One of the two. But no matter what’s going on man, if you’re down… get high. Duck’s reaction was really tight when I made it. Once I see him respond to something in the studio it gets me hyped to keep going and make it something tight. We’d been locked in the whole night and I think that was last song we did before we left ZAC. It came out tight as hell.

“Killing it” – I remember hearing Ducko make the beat, or maybe right after and just thinking… I’d kill this shit. That really how it came about. I just wanted to lay that particular beat start to finish. I didn’t wanna over complicate it or make it crazy deep. I just wanted straight bars. Snapping 100% all the way thru. It also rides like hell. I think this was at ZAC as well. Maybe earlier in the session. But as soon as Duck pulled the beat up I knew exactly how I wanted to approach it and it came almost exactly how I envisioned it.



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