PREMIERE: The House Hits the Jackpot in “Long Day” Video

Chattanooga collective The House has been a group quietly putting out quality music over the years, but largely under the national radar. They started to garner more attention after one member, Isaiah Rashad, was picked up by TDE. But the rest of the group is nothing to overlook.

Today, we present a new video from the group featuring Michael Da VinciBrian Brown, and Chris.P, and TUT. The Deer Run Media video plays out a daydream we all are prone to falling into: magically finding some cash so you can quit your job and throw an ill party. Michael, TUT, Shoey (creative for the video), and Brian each broke down a scene from the video, which you can peep below.

Other members of the group include Ktoven (producer) and D Sanders (producer). Ktoven recently produced Travis Scott’s “Green & Purple” with Playboi Carti.

scene 1

“This scene was an idea I had for a montage from the classic film ‘Paid in Full,’ directed by Charles Stone and produced by Dame Dash and Jay Z. The scene is a day dream/hallucination of TUT daydreaming while at work. All he sees is money falling from the other side of the window after a long hard day at work. Unfortunately it’s all just a dream, and money does not fall from the sky…” – Shoey (creative for video)
scene 2
“I wrote my verse as if it were the opening credits to a new age Friday. Finding the money in the jacket as I’m in the dressing room is when the video really starts to roll into transition from our money daze hallucination to a temporary reality of being the ballers like Mitch, Ace, and Rico. The excitement of finding that much money randomly in our relaxed routine as retail lackey left me to do what me and TUT would do if you left us the keys to your store and our resources which is have the spot jumping.”
– Michael Da Vinci

“i think the coolest thing about Chris P & my scene is the chemistry. When i moved to Chattanooga from Nashville, he was the guy helping me get back in my groove writing wise – so to see that growth come to life is a beautiful thing.” – Brian Brown

“Bring it back is just a big day dream man, like imagine if you could change your whole life in one day. What if one day you could just say fuck it and quit your job because you just became a millionaire. Or what if you just hit the lottery or a check with no ink. Its just that hope that drive that hustle that dream some of us have where we just keep pushing forward to better our situations. You know its coming.” – YGTUT



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