PREMIERE: Vibe Out to Ol Burger Beats “Mind Games”

Photo credit: Jan Tore Eriksen

Every once in a while we find a producer outside of our borders of America who deserves the shine. Today, that producer is Ol’ Burger Beats from Oslo, Norway. We’re proud to premiere the title track off his upcoming Mind Games LP. The beat is perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon as well as for Oliver the 2nd and Ivan Ave to lay some lyrical miracles on wax.

Ol’ Burger had this to say about the project:

Mind Games LP has slowly taken form over the last two years. It all sprung out from the sound and mood I found on a jazz record from ‘61. When I first listened to that album, I instantly knew how I wanted my next record to sound. When I’ve bought records and looked for samples in the last couple of years, that particular mood has been the main thing I’ve been searching for. It’s been a long journey to get there, but the result is my most concept driven release so far. I’m very happy with the outcome, and I appreciate all the featured artists, contributors and friends that took part along the way.



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