New Joint: Curtis Williams – Pick Your Poison (@ThatBoyCurtis @Two9)

What’s your vice? Is it money? Drugs? Women? The lone-solo artist of Two 9 tell everyone to pick their poison. Whether it’s money, drugs, women or something else. Curtis has been relatively quiet lately so I could just imagine that there’s going to be something big coming from him soon. Maybe another full length tape? Maybe another Two 9 group tape? What about the debut Two 9 album? Not sure, I do know FatKidsBrotha is gearing up to drop their follow-up to Eastside Paradise 2 which was one of the best tapes of 2014. Excited to see what’s next for the Two-9/Ear Drummers crew. I recently just heard a track that is rumored to be on the next Rae Sremmurd project and let me tell you, this whole collective is working hard and making bangers. Can’t hate on that. Stay tuned with The Smokers Club for more updates.



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