$1.5 Million Marijuana Tax Dollars are Helping the Homeless

Colorado has a homeless problem. It’s not quite as bad as a Los Angeles, but legal marijuana literally brought stoners without homes to the street of Colorado.

Walk down Colfax Avenue (Denver’s main drag which runs into Aurora), and you’ll see no shortage of this epidemic of sorts. Stroll into Denver’s urban neighbor, Aurora, and you’ll see much of the same. Now, ironically, this homeless problem that at least partially stems from legal marijuana may be nipped in the bud by legal weed sales.

Aurora, Colorado recently announced it’s donating $1.5 million of its tax dollars generated from legal, retail marijuana sales to the city’s Colfax Community Network, Comitis Crisis Center, and the Aurora Health Center. The funds will be used to buy vans for homeless outreach and hopefully keep more families clothed and under a roof than under bridges.

Clearly, Aurora–and Colorado–is the shining example of what happens when legal weed hits the streets. Colorado has already seen legal weed literally revive its troubled school systems through tax dollars.

And when you think about it, the tax money from cannabis can really become a nationwide and worldwide aid to those in need. If you multiply Aurora’s haul by about 15, that’s what legal weed and its taxes could do in Los Angeles.

While millions in tax dollars may never wipe away homelessness, it could at least provide some kind of major band-aid to the many Americans down on their luck without much hope. If you ask any stoner where he wants his weed money to go, they’d probably recite something about making the world a more peaceful place.

Giving back to those in need is something we’re all about, and hopefully something you’re also for:




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