13% of Adult Americans Smoke Weed

A lucky 13% of Americans say they inhale cannabis on a regular basis, according to Gallup. That number is up 6% (almost double) from 2013 and up 2% from last year’s polled tally:

via Gallup

All told, 43% of adult Americans admit they’ve tried smoking weed in their lifetimes. That percentage mirrors last year’s 44% and also annihilates the 4% of Americans that smoked weed in 1969.

Ultimately, the 43% number may seem a bit low–I don’t know too many people who have never smoked weed. But for many Americans in the very senior citizen age bracket (80+), marijuana wasn’t readily available nor something they experience in their teenage years.

My grandpa recently turned 95 and has never touched cannabis–but he’s totally cool with my career in it. Some people just grew up in a different era.

In this era, teens are choosing weed over alcohol and well-educated on the benefits of medical marijuana. Thus, in 10 or 20 years, I imagine something like 90% of Americans will try weed during their lifetimes.




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