420 Friendly Gym to Open in San Francisco

After I take a fat bong rip, my idea of a workout is grabbing my phone and ordering some pizza. But there are plenty of stoners out there who like to get active once they activate.

The same guys behind the 420 games are banking on the modern active stoner to hit up the new Power Plant fitness gym this fall. The gym’s concept is pretty simple: burn buds on site and then burn calories with like-minded stoners.

While you won’t be able to rip bongs while you dead lift, the gym will allow vaporizing indoors and sell both pre and post-workout edibles. Since you can’t smoke weed indoors in California, they’ll have an outside deck for that.

The place will probably thrive on its novelty alone. Going to the gym high is an uncomfortable feeling for some cause you think everyone else knows your high. When you know everyone else in the gym is also lit–and you can light up there–that awkward feeling is taken out of the equation.

Hopefully the gym has a nice sauna, a legitimate snack bar, and a basketball hoop because this type of gym isn’t going to cater to the cross-fitness type.




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