69% of Cops Think Marijuana Should Be Legal for Medical Use

A recent Pew poll asked almost 8,000 cops if they think weed should be legal for medical or recreational (personal use). The result: cops are (mostly) on team green.

32% of those police officers polled believe weed should be legal both for medical and personal use while another 37% believe cannabis should only be allowed for medical use.

Only 30% of cops polled don’t think marijuana should be legal at all–and those 30% either all think incest and and dog-fighting should be legal.

Still, the fact that only a 1/3 of the people who put us behind bars for smoking and selling herb (in some states) believe weed should remain illegal is a surprising number:

via The Washington Post

Yea, a 1/3 is way too high…until you consider our country recently elected Donald Trump as President and has even more anti-abortion fanatics. There’s a lot of stupid, irrational people in America, and a lot of those stupid people are cops (and teachers and lawyers and budtenders and…everywhere).

So it’s nice to see that cops–you know, the former bullies who chugged 40s and stuffed nerds in lockers–actually see the light.

While we may live in a scary time, at least the people cuffing us realize this “war” is just a giant waste of time and police resources.



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