74-Year-Old Man Arrested for Giving Out Weed Cookies at Church

Some heroes wear capes. Others are just misunderstood. Like a Luke Cage, 74-year-old Brian Jones is one of those heroes with good intentions but bad delivery.

Last may, the Indiana man brought a grip of cookies to church last year that happened to contain weed in them–and that he claims he didn’t know they had weed in them. While he had heroic or senile intentions, giving edibles to people who don’t know there’s weed in the item is a slippery smoke.

Six people got sick got sick/tested positive for weed  and Jones is now charged with criminal recklessness and possession of hash oil for just trying to keep the church hall lit–8 months after the act:

Their symptoms included nausea, sluggishness and lethargy.

During an interview with police, Jones said he had made the cookies Saturday night and took them to church with him that morning, but said he didn’t know anything about an illegal substance being added to them.

After obtaining a search warrant for Jones’ Bloomington residence, officers found an orange pill bottle containing capsules of a brown, oily substance, which later tested positive for marijuana. [Indy Star]

What’s crazy isn’t this guy getting arrested for doing something stupid. What’s absurd is that a police force launched an 8 month investigation to find out who the perp was all over six people getting high off edibles that did not get seriously harmed.

*Side note: there are few places in life where it’s better to be low than to be high. Church or temple is one of those places. Any time I smoked before a Rosh Hoshana (the Jew New Year) service all I could long for was my mom’s brisket and a game of FIFA. Instead, I got to hear people sing in a language I didn’t understand and try to comprehend the meaning of life or whatever the cantor was sermoning up that day.




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