The Air Force is Now Enlisting Stoners

You can’t just yet smoke weed while flying a fighter jet in the Air Force–but you can smoke plenty of weed before deciding you want to fly a plane for the military.

Seeking to increase its ranks and get with the times, the Air Force will no longer look at an applicant’s “prior marijuana use” as a deciding factor for whether or not he or she can enlist in the Air Force Academy.

The Air Force will still have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to airmen smoking or using marijuana, but how many days, weeks or months prior to enlisting that a potential airman used will no longer be a limiting factor.

The service is no longer considering how long it has been since an airman used marijuana prior to service in a move to “standardize” the questions asked of potential recruits. []

Translation: you can smoke weed the day before and even an hour before you choose to enlist in the Air Force. But you still can’t put one up in the air while you’re in the air…yet.



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