Alabama Church Lets Members Smoke Weed & Eat Shrooms

Imagine going to Church one Sunday and having your minister hand you a peanut-butter and shroom sandwich telling you to “find yourself?”

At the Oklevueha Native American Church of Inner Light in Alabama, that’s a distinct possibility. The church, a federally licensed branch of the Okelvueha Lakota Sioux Nation, offers members an exemption to smoke weed, eat shrooms, and take peyote.

As long as you’re a church member, you literally get a driver’s license-ie thing to blaze and shroom. Where can I sign up, right?

The church only has 120 members–and the message the church sends is that psychoactive drugs (see weed) have the ability to heal. The founders Christopher and Janice Rushing point to cannabis as a cure for cancer (true) and to members in the church who have seen lives saved by cannabis-and other natural drugs:

Chris Rushing stood in the pulpit and preached a sermon that mixed theology and a belief in natural, hallucinogenic plants. “That is God’s way of turning our brain on,” Rushing said.

The church calls taking these drugs and turning that brain on a “sacrament” to God.

While the church kinda sounds like some hippie mumbo jumbo at first, there’s actually some substance and heart to this group’s efforts. They genuinely believe marijuana (and other stuff) heals, and it’s really legal for them to use these drugs–even in Alabama:

Rushing said the health benefits of marijuana, mushrooms and cacti are enormous. They can combat depression and cure people of addictions, he said.

The Oklevueha Native American Church of Inner Light in Warrior has been licensed as a federally registered branch of the Oklevueha Lakota Sioux Nation Native American Church, Rushing said.

The church has a religious exemption to use psylocibin mushrooms and peyote cactus, both of which have properties that augment traditional Native American spiritual beliefs and experiences, Rushing said. He calls their use in religious ceremonies a sacrament. []

Interestingly, the church members believe in not only weed, but Christ and God as well–and they believe using marijuana to heal pains should be more religiously/widely accepted than popping pain pills.

It’s hard to not want to go to this kind of church.



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