Baltimore Ravens Want to Trade Lineman Eugene Monroe Cause He Supports Weed

Eugene Monroe has never been suspended for smoking weed. Hell, he might not even smoke the weed. But the (pretty damn good) NFL player, like many Americans, supports medical marijuana and its impact on society.

Monroe has recently spearheaded an outspoken campaign to get the NFL to change its stance on medical marijuana. Because medical cannabis (specifically CBD oil) is a legit alternative to painkillers and the opiate epidemic in the NFL, Monroe has started a fund and a PR tour de force going at the league.

It’s a noble cause, and one that has rightly gotten Monroe a lot of press and accolades from the weed community. But it’s one that’s also pissed off the NFL and even his own team: the Baltimore Ravens.

Monroe thinks the team is trying to get rid of him (via trade) because of this stance, and Yahoo! Sports seems to agree:

The Ravens seem to be claiming they don’t need the player thanks to recent additions to their offensive linemen. But you can bet Harbaugh and the organization known for the Ray Rice debacle wants to distance itself from anything controversial or that can cause a distraction.

At 29-years-old, there’s plenty of good football left in Eugene Monroe. There’s also plenty of activism and good shit in the weed world that’s awaiting him.

Whether it’s in a Ravens uniform or another one this year, Monroe should immediately now be one of the stoner world’s favorite players.

He’s the only active player to take a stand like this in the name of weed and it’s clearly impacting his career. But he doesn’t give a shit–he knows what’s right. And what’s right is letting players who physically punish themselves smoke up–medically of course.



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