Billboard Features The Smokers Club Tour

Shoutout to the plug! Our friends over at Billboard recently ran a featuring interviews with club founders Jonny Shipes and Smoke DZA.

If you don’t know how the club and tour both started, the article will give you a good sense of who we are, what we’re about, and how we came to be. Get a glimpse into the lives of the stoner world’s “Vince McMahon and Triple H” and our plans for stoner domination:

Jonny Shipes: We used to all hang out at my crib. I had a house on 23rd Street [in Manhattan]. The neighbors fully remembered us. They hated us so much. To say that we burnt that crib down is an understatement. The crib wasn’t even that big and we would have 10 motherf—ers in there, steaming. This was like when we were at our worst — disrespectful, young, not giving a f— motherf—ers.

We were sitting at the crib and Steven “Steve-O” Brown — he founded the Smokers Club with me and DZA — had told me about this thing called SXSW. Me and DZA never heard of it, saying, “What the f— is that?” He was like, “Yo, we should do this party down in South By [Southwest].” Me and DZA looked at each other. I feel like Spitta was there too that day and I was like, “All right, let’s do this.”

You can read the entire article right here and if the tour hasn’t rolled through your town yet–get on it! Oh yeah…and don’t pass Trump the blunt!




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