Burger King Staff Sold “Extra Crispy” Weed Thru Drive-Thru

Do these look like the faces of two ganjapreneurs slangin nugs out of a Burger King Drive-Thru in New Hampshire?

No, not really–especially not the seemingly innocent looking gal. But Garret Norris (20) and Meagan Dearborn (19) were busted selling weed thru an Epping, New Hampshire Burger King’s Drive-Thru window. The charade was actually more complex and coded than you’d think for two people that can’t legally drink alcohol:

Wallace said buyers would arrive at the restaurant and ask for “Nasty Boy.” “Once it was verified he was working they had to ask for their fries extra crispy.” Money was exchanged at the drive-through window. [NH1]

New Hampshire is pretty liberal with its cannabis laws, but still: this is proof for the need of legal weed. With a code name like “Nasty Boy” and this kind of sophisticated operation, imagine the marketing schemes these two could come up with for a legal dispensary?

Sadly, they both now have felonies and probably have a better chance of working at another Burger King than in the legal marijuana market.



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