Would You Buy Weed From a Pharmacy?

Having to buy weed from someone in a white coat with white hair while my neighbor buys Zoloft is pretty much my worst weed nightmare. I want to buy weed from someone who smokes weed and looks the part, and not have to pay hiked up prices.

Sadly, though, the future of weed is unwritten and this doomsday scenario is possible, at least in some states (though I doubt you could reverse the dispensary model in Cali or Colorado at this point). In Canada, pharmacies are pushing right now to distribute the stuff, and their proposal smells like one-month old bong water.

These Canadian pharmacists are claiming to be the “safest and best equipped” to hand out weed to people because they already hand out highly addictive pills to anyone dumb enough to fork over cash for pills and not weed.

That’s hogwash. Pharmacists know less about me and probably the average stoner about weed and how it reacts with people. You know why? Cause they haven’t smoked over 300 strains, taken edibles, tinctures, and probably don’t even know what CBD is. And I failed every science class I took in college.

Weed knowledge comes with trial in error, not a notepad and a white coat. If god forbid it ever shakes out like this, I’ll stick to growing my own. You?



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