Would You Buy Weed From This Retired Cop Who Wants to Open Up a Dispensary?

Buying weed from a (typically undercover) cop is usually a good way to have a bad time…But what if that cop is retired and selling you legal medical marijuana?

While probably his pipe dream, retired police officer Jeff Turse of Hazleton, Pennsylvania wants to get Luzerne County’s only medical marijuana dispensary license. Turse has an anonymous partner and that partner must have deep pockets–because you need two million just to apply for a Pennsylvania license.

Coming from a law enforcement background might give this guy an edge–if the rest measures up–in opening Thera Green, his hypothetical dispensary. Moreover, this guy isn’t just an ex-cop that’s got a sudden interest in weed: he’s actually has been running a smoke shop:

Since leaving the city’s police department in 2015, Turse devoted his time to running Atomic Vapors from a storefront at the Franklin Corporate Center along Airport Beltway. The business, like many others, struggled to stay afloat since the state levied steep wholesale and floor taxes on Pennsylvania’s vape industry, he said.

Atomic Vapors will close today and he plans to convert the vape shop — and an empty storefront next to it — into a high-security medical marijuana dispensary. [Standard Speaker]

So obviously Turse has the infrastructure for a dispensary–but also a track record of failed businesses. That said, the former cop sounds passionate about weed and cites his family’s history with opioids as one of the “right” reasons he wants to do this.

Still…I would feel pretty funny about going into a dispensary and buying cop weed. How about you?



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