Can You Receive An Organ Transplant If You Light Up?

Stigmas are tough to overcome. In this case it has directly effected our ability as a society to save lives. The U.S. Department of Health develops a set of requirements for organ donor’s based off age, smoking history and previous health records. However this criteria is outdated by thirty years.

The fact is that over a six year period over 300 subjects were observed, both receiving lung transplant from non cannabis using donors and cannabis using donors. A history of smoking cannabis did not effect the survival rate of the patient receiving the transplant. The unwillingness to accept the facts and succumb to the stigma has kept Medical Marijuanaa large number of potential donors off the list. Because cannabis is a schedule one drug, the U.S. Department of Health has compartmentalized it as such.

Studies have shown that there is no significant difference between cannabis users and the lungs of non cannabis users. It simply comes down to an outdated stigma. A conservative agenda and set of requirements that was developed over 30 years ago should have no baring on a persons right to live. The rescheduling of cannabis from a class one narcotic is the first step in allowing scientific research on federal level. Until this misplaced stigma is removed many people who could benefit from organ transplants must wait.



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