Cannabis Clubs Coming to Massachusetts?

Legal weed is coming to Massachusetts and it could look way different than legal weed looks, well, everywhere else. Since no cannabis clubs exist in America (you have to go to Amsterdam for that), Massachusetts has a chance to become the first US city to legalize pot clubs.

Come next July, you might be able to order a joint at a club in Mass, per High Times:

“The package store model is old fashioned and the consumer really wants an outlet, a place to consume cannabis and do it safely,” said Cannabis Advisory Board member Michael Latulippe,

Regulators believe that the existence of social lounges would reduce the risk of children getting their hands on the drug, while also limiting the amount of weed illegally conveyed out of the state. Additionally, onsite consumption would provide safe, legal locations for tourists staying in hotels, as well as for renters who are disallowed from smoking in their apartments.

“By having these onsite facilities, we could potentially alleviate the need for some parents to go home with the cannabis themselves, allow them to consume it on site,” Latulippe explained. “It also alleviates the issue of interstate trafficking with tourists and people who are going to be coming to the state. Requiring them to buy large quantities of cannabis could cause for some problems.”

The sub-committee will meet on December 29 to go over drafted regulations and reach a decision. Cannabis clubs are definitely the wave of the future, and hopefully Massachusetts ushers that future in.




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