Cannabis Oil Dispensary to Open in Texas?

Last June Texas legalized cannabis oils to stop seizures. Nearly a year later, and the small town of Gunter, Texas wants to open a cannabis oil dispensary so Texans with epilepsy have a place to get that cannabis oil.

The oil at large, CBD oil (cannibidiol), is the magical stuff that stops seizures on sight. More states in America (over 30) have laws in place that legalize this CBD oil for consumption. But in a lot of these states, particularly Southern ones without full-fledged medical marijuana, it’s nearly impossible to legally access the stuff.

That means parents all over the country commit federal crimes to get the CBD oils in the hands of children with severe seizures. Patrick Moran, the CEO of AcquiFlow which hopes to open this Texas dispensary, is trying to solve this ironic/tragic problem.

And he wants to go all out and produce the oil in state to help these patients in need:

“Cultivation, processing, and dispensing. We intend to do it all,” says Patrick Moran.

“We’re completely in sync with the state on this,” Moran says. “This is what Texans need to get behind. Some families watch their loved ones suffer multiple seizures a day. To have this relief at their fingertips will change their lives.”[CBS 11]

It’s a noble cause but there’s one obvious legal hurdle: Texas doesn’t allow cannabis or hemp cultivation. A town hall meeting in Gunter celebrated this idea and the majority in attendance seem to want this to happen.

But the decision will likely come down from the state, and that’s a major question mark. Hopefully, reason wins out in this case and sets a precedent for other states with similar cannabis oils to start producing the stuff in house.

CBD not being grown in these states with CBD bills in place is a nationwide problem, and one that needs to be addressed ASAP.




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