Choices: Hemp-Infused Cosmetics

While legalization is still the topic of discussion for many states, one company residing out of Utah looks to innovate and educate consumers all over the world. Suzanne Hogann took it upon herself to create “CannaSmack” and make an impact while others remained unaware of all the benefits. In 2012 Hogann lost her brother due to an ongoing battle with prescription drugs. Due to such a life changing experience she began researching alternative medicines and became engulfed with information in regards to Hemp and Cannabis.


In 2014 her ideas came to fruition and CannaSmack was born. The detail that separates her brand from all the others is that she shares her admiration for the cannabis plant in every spectrum. From praising all the beneficial factors to proudly displaying the cannabis leaf on her products, she continues to do everything she can to bring positivity to such a misleading negative connotation that cannabis has been given.


Cannasmack officially launched in 2015 with its lip balm line of 6 delicious Hemp Infused flavors featuring names like DayTripper, Mango Kush & Maui Wowie to name a few. Within months the company grew via FaceBook from a few likes to over 10 thousand. Despite growing exponentially, Hogann & CannaSmack have faced many obstacles as a result of years of negative propaganda of Cannabis and the leaf. At one point Facebook censored all promotional advertising efforts, a stance they corrected 4 months later.



Despite all the hurdles Hogann faced she has to be proud to see how far she has come. A year after launch, more and more stores are open to putting her product on their shelf and you can get yours on if a store hasn’t supplied the goods yet. Make sure to visit the site and show your love for CannaSmack via social media.


CannaSmack Core Company Values

At CannaSmack ™ we embrace the Niceology™ philosophy and strongly believe that we all matter and can aspire to make a positive difference in the world by taking the smallest of steps because we are sowing the seeds today that will create a powerful force to bring about positive life changes for future generations. We want to make a difference in the world that will help improve the daily lives of others and make them more positive while striving for equality.

  • ABUNDANCE — Create wealth in all aspects of life, be rich in love & kindness, & be accepting.
  • KINDNESS — Be nice, treat people well, show compassion, be gracious, be generous, have only the best of intentions, be thoughtful and accepting.
  • HAPPINESS — Have joy, laugh, engage in good humor, be optimistic, be playful, funny, light, witty, and happy.
  • FAMILY — Create relationships that promote positivity and nurtures and supports each other.



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