Colorado’s Dogs Keep Accidentally Overdosing on Weed

Man’s best friend is the latest and actually serious victim of legalization in Colorado.

A recent report says that about five dogs a day (at just one hospital) are accidentally eating stray marijuana and ending up at that emergency animal hospital. That’s bad and sad news.

Even a small 10-20 mg edible can mess up a standard sized adult. When a dog eats weed–especially a small dog–it affects them way harder and sends them into an “unresponsive” frenzy.

Basically, it sounds like stoners are being careless with their weed and edibles and dogs are finding stray pot on the ground and doing what dogs do: eating it. Here’s one really scary example that makes any dog owner/lover cringe:

“It was terrifying. I came home from work to [find my roommate] Rudy crying with Tembo lying in the grass in front of the house. Tembo was drooling uncontrollably, like a faucet from his mouth,” Pinto said.

Tembo was lethargic and could barely walk. Pinto and her roommate took the pup to an emergency veterinarian, who told them Tembo must have consumed a lot of marijuana given the fact a dog his size was having such a bad reaction. Tembo is part Great Dane.

Tembo was drooling from anxiety and all he could do was wait it out. [KDVR]

There’s no cure for ingesting too much THC. Like a human who eats too much of an edible, all animal hospitals can do is give dogs an IV of fluid and monitor their behavior. It’s rare a dog will die from this incident, but they can develop anxiety issues and even seizure, just like humans can.

And in some cases, they can have heart attacks. I’ve seen dogs in Colorado seize up and lay motionless for 12-24 hour periods. In one case, my friend’s dog legitimately had a heart attack and suddenly died in front of us.

That dog was sick with cancer and it was probably unrelated to the amount of marijuana we leave lying around the house. But we don’t know for sure, and it’s very plausible that dogs in stoner households often get their paws on unattended weed without the owners knowing.

If you own a dog or live with a dog, you really have to be careful where you put your weed and your edibles. And even if you don’t have a dog, but you’re smoking in a public place like a park, you need to make sure you don’t leave any half smoked joints or half eaten edibles lying around.

There’s just nothing funny about your furry best friend ending up in the hospital on a weed overdose.

(For the record I’m all for blowing a little smoke in your dog’s ear if he’s into it or lightly medicating them if they have serious ailments. BUt too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing. Just like an acid trip.)



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