Cop Busted Growing Weed & Using Fire Hydrant for Water

Cops need weed too–and some even need to grow it to get it.

Thomas Daniel Gaskins, a cop at the VA hospital in Salisbury, North Carolina, was snaking water from a town fire hydrant to grow 11 pot plants in a shed. After turning over his headstash to cops, Gaskins was arrested and charged with “misdemeanor possession of marijuana.”

You definitely can’t knock the guys hustle: it’s a pretty clever way to get free water for his grow and limit his costs. But you definitely, like every day, have to question who the hell becomes cops in society when cops literally steal from the communities that pay them.

As long as there is government and there is power to be had, there will be corruption. Even if that power and corruption is the manipulation of a goddamn fire hydrant.

Most importantly, the dude’s mugshot is lit as fuck:




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