Cops Confiscate (Another) Weed Canon That Shot 47 Pounds from Mexico to America

Not even Trump’s wall could keep brick weed traveling from Mexico to the states when we’ve got weed canons around…But the federalies certainly can put an end to this spectacle.

Just like last year, a catapult used to fling bricks from Mexico to America was seized and dismantled by Border Patrol near the Arizona/Mexico (on the Mexico side) border:

You’d think that in 2017, drug smugglers could, you know, use drones or something a little more technologically advanced to smuggle some weed. But then again, these are the guys that still grow schwag brick weed.

Here’s how the bust went down:

Near the catapult, agents found two bundles of marijuana that collectively weighed more than 47 pounds. US agents dismantled the catapult and corresponded with Mexican authorities, who seized the system. Border Patrol agents kept the marijuana, US Customs and Border Protection said.

Affixed to the border wall between Agua Prieta, Sonora and Douglas, the catapult was made with welded steel parts that resembled a basketball backstop, according to the Tucson Sentinel. [RT]

Lesson: if you’re smuggling weed, invest in some drones.



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