Cops Find $1 Million Worth of Weed in Brand New Ford Fusions

I don’t know what’s weirder in 2017: that weed busts still actually happen or that cops post about them on Facebook like they’re actually doing groundbreaking police work.

This story  is actually four months old, but just came to light via CNN. The brand new Ford Fusions were packed with weed in Mexico (so likely schwag) and then sent via the BNSF rail system. The buds were then found packed tight with weed in Ohio after an inspection turned them up.

The whole incident prompted Ford to look deeper into the incident because it clearly was an operation with an in at Ford:

“We’re aware of the situation and are taking it very seriously,” a Ford Motor Company spokesman said Saturday. “We are working with the FBI and Customs on an extensive investigation. We have confirmed that this is not happening at our plant or at our internal shipping yards.”

Clearly an inside job, it’s hard to really blame Ford here. When employees can make more off of one drug deal then selling cars, why wouldn’t they?

The bigger oddity here for me is that cops post this kind of stuff to Facebook:

Yo guys…you snagged some weed. And it’s weed that (while prob low quality) would’ve helped some people medically and mentally.

Go solve a real crime and then brag about it on social media. Smuggling weed across borders may be a crime forever, but anything involving weed and “busts” is nothing to brag about.




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