Cops Seize Over 15,000 Plants in Ongoing NorCal Bust

The capital for outdoor growing weed in America, the Emerald Triangle has long given a home to more plants grown outdoors than any other region in America–by a lot. And when summertime comes around, that’s when the Triangle truly begins to flourish as fresh flowers blossom.

While the Humboldt County-based hub has been targeted by authorities throughout its dynasty, one would reason that marijuana’s growing acceptance would perhaps give the Triangle some newfound carte blanche and freedom.

Unfortunately, that’s not happening, as authorities teamed up to seize north of 15,000 plants in the region in an ongoing operation that cites “environmental damage” as the reason for the raids. The state’s Fish and Wildlife department along with a slew of local authorities are still executing the raids right now, and the final number of plants seized will be released Friday (and will likely be well north of 15,000).

The excuse for the raid is that many growers in the rural, forested areas have been altering stream beds, thus endangering wildlife and harming the environment–a legitimate concern with California’s always ongoing droughts.

But growers in this area make their livelihoods of summer crops, and the Emerald Triangle has justly become synonymous with some of the world’s best outdoor crops. Now, many of these crops will never see the light of day thanks to this weed genocide.

As for the environmental damage from growing cannabis outdoors and using water to do so…there are certainly bigger environmental problems in the world, like global warming and Miami becoming submerged in water.

Sadly, if there’s an excuse to chop down trees, authorities will still find that excuse.

[Press Democrat]



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