The DEA Finally Admits Weed Isn’t a Gateway Drug

The D.E.A. has removed a document from its website that claimed cannabis was a gateway drug. Thanks to a legal request by Americans for Safe Access which stated the DEA’s website contains 25 lies about marijuana, the DEA was forced to remove the “Dangers and Consequences of Marijuana” from its site.

That report contained 23 of those 25 lies about marijuana; along with stating weed is a gateway drug, that false report states that weed causes psychosis and lung cancer, amongst other lies. This news comes just days after Jeff Sessions (who hates weed) was sworn in as Attorney General, so perhaps there’s some optimism for the Trump administration and weed after all.

Moreover, the news comes a year after D.A.R.E. similarly removed weed from its list of gateway drugs. However, ASA’s work is not done: the group wants the DEA to remove more weed lies from its website:

“We are pleased that in the face of our request the DEA withdrew some of the damaging misinformation from its website” said Vickie Feeman, of Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe. “However, the DEA continues to disseminate many damaging facts about the health risks of medical cannabis and patients across the country face ongoing harm as a result of these alternative facts. We are hopeful the DEA will also remove the remaining statements rather than continue to mislead the public in the face of the scientifically proven benefits of medical cannabis.” [Weed News]

Your move, DEA…



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