Denver Nonprofit Gave Out Free Joints to the Homeless on Christmas Eve

Taking a page out of our book, Denver nonprofit group “Cannabis Can” spread some unique holiday cheer last week. And they did it for an amazing cause: to raise money to ultimately buy RVs so that Denver’s many homeless can have a clean place to bathe and poop this winter.

Given that this winter is an especially frigid for Denver and the homeless population can be seen downtown suffering through the cold, it’s an especially welcome cause. While some may object giving “drugs” to those with drug problems, the message of warmth and the goal of helping these people back on their feet is real.

As you drive through downtown Denver–or any major metro area not on the unusually warm East Coast–it’s tough to see so many people huddled under makeshift forts with all their belongings. Tossing them a joint or a water bottle–or donating to groups like “Cannabis Can”–can make a huge difference.

Our viral video from last year which “pioneered” the art of giving those in need free joints shows how something so simple can be so well-received:



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