Denver’s Church of Cannabis Opening on 4/20

The “International Church of Cannabis,” set to open in the West Washington Park neighborhood of Denver over the upcoming 4/20 weekend, will be a sanctuary for the religious stoner. According to the Elevation Ministries, the International Church of Cannabis will be a “spiritual home to adults who seek to become the best version of themselves by way of the cannabis flower — a sacrament regarded as a gift from the universal creative force.”

Though it calls itself a church, the International Church of Cannabis accepts members of all religions. According to a statement released by Elevation Ministries “Church members are called Elevationists. Our lifestance is that an individual’s spiritual journey, and search for meaning, is one of self-discovery – and one that may be accelerated and deepened with cannabis use. Elevationists claim no divine authority, nor an authoritarian organizational structure. Therefore, those of all religious and cultural backgrounds are welcome to visit our chapel and take part in our volunteerism, celebrations, and meditation.”

The physical space itself, a 113 year-old church, has been completely renovated in order to further the church’s new purpose. According to the Elevation Ministries statement, “The chapel ceiling has been lovingly painted by renowned church artist Okuda San Miguel, creating an uplifting and elevating space for the congregation to partake of their sacrament, and take quiet meditation. Additionally, the front of the church has been painted by world famous artist Kenny Scharf, whose work is amongst the permanent collections of both the Whitney and Guggenheim Museums in New York City.”

For those interested in visiting the Church, more information can be found here. 




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