Denver’s “Uber With Weed” Lets You Smoke During Your Ride

Game-Changer: a newly introduced element or factor that changes an existing situation or activity in a significant way.

If you’re a tourist visiting Denver, finding a place to legally smoke up can be a challenge. There are no (legal) cannabis clubs. Despite the city having dispensaries on seemingly every block, there remains no place where patients, stoners and tourists can legally blaze a trail. And it’s a problem that has needed a solution for 20 months.

Loopr is that needed game-changer: a mobile “Puff Bus” that takes consumers throughout downtown Denver to visit the hottest dispensaries, best munchie spots, and best party spots as the chic all in an elegant, modern. While you can’t buy weed on the Loopr, you can certainly bring as much cannabis on board that you’re legally allowed to carry.

And once you purchase a pass and are on the bus, you likely won’t get off until you either run out of weed or need a dab nap. Cause it looks like this:

Loopr isn’t the party bus you took to Bar Mitzvahs–it’s more like an upscale, space-aged bachelor pad on wheels. And the Loopr’s got the whole nine yards: multiple dope flat-screen TVs, heady glass built into the system, hosts rolling joints for you, and yea, even a bathroom!

The best part? You can smoke or dab as much as your heart desires. One daily purchase of a Loopr means you can ride and puff all day.

Moreover, Loopr has an app you can download that helps you see how far from you both the bus and its next stop are.

That said, the Loopr is hard to miss because here’s what the bus’ exterior looks like:

Where will @rideloopr take you for #worldcannabisweek?

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And this is what Loopr looks like on the inside:

A look inside the @rideloopr party bus… #worldcannabisweek #420 #420girls #denver

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The dab and bong bar is something next level. The bar comes equipped with a built in E-Nail rig (bottom left) and two bongs (center and right) that literally have their own cup-holder (bong-holder?) like devices (so they don’t follow)

You can watch your favorite music videos, sporting events or even play video games aboard Loopr:

And in action, it’s very lit:

Any day on Loopr I’ve had was a very good day/felt like a Friday. The Loopr brings the heat strong enough that I almost got laid just by rolling up to Red Rocks in by far the swaggiest ride in town.

The Loopr currently runs in Denver on weekends and has two set routes that you can track on its mobile app. Additionally, the Loopr can also be reserved for private parties and trips–just ask them.

Loopr plans expansion to every major marijuana city and should be a slam dunk wherever the bus lands. If the future is a mobile puff puss that lets you get high without a care in the world…then sign me the fuck up!



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