Don’t Drop LSD & Blast Music When You’re Holding 20 Pounds of Weed

North Carolina is not the place to be if you want to head down the rabbit hole while you have felonious amounts of weed on your person. But this heady duo threw caution to the wind and decided to live it up in an apartment.

They ended up getting arrested with over 20 pounds of pot (and hash oil), over 1,700 doses of acid, a grip of Xanax, and over $3 Gs in cash. Here’s how it went down:

apartment in North Asheville occupied by two people. Once entering the apartment, officers determined probable cause that a crime had occurred involving controlled substances and received a search warrant for the residence, according to a news release from the Woodfin Police Department.

Micha Mullenix Lane, 26, of Merrimon Avenue, and Colton Cameron Heath, 26, were both arrested and charged with several drug felonies, according to police.

Officers located and seized approximately 21.46 pounds of marijuana and marijuana “wax,” 1,716 dosage units of LSD, 39.5 dosage units of Xanax and $3,201 in cash from the residence, according to police. There were also various items of drug paraphernalia in the one-bedroom apartment, including digital scales, plastic bags and pipes. [Citizen-Times]

They got the book thrown at them and have a ton of charges they likely won’t be able to get out of. As much as I’d like to defend a couple 26 year olds having a good time and living it up…there’s a place and time for everything.

And when you have 20 bows on you, there is no place and time to start blasting Widespread Panic on your BOSE speaker.




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