Drug Dogs in Colorado Trained to Ignore Weed

Imagine a world in which you could go to the airport with legal weed in your pocket and not have a panic attack when you walk by a dog. That world is becoming a quick reality in Colorado: the states drug dogs are literally being trained not to sniff out cannabis.

Moreover, dogs already schooled in sniffing out weed will soon be forced into retirements as new, non-weed sniffing drug dogs take their places. This strategy has been used in Vermont to ensure that drug dogs are geared towards a legal weed future.

The only downside to this sign of the times? Some dogs will soon be forced out of the force:



Poor Tulo, indeed. But Tulo should have no issues having a nice, mellow retirement while these upstarts take hold:

Rifle police officer Garrett Duncan spent the last 10 years working alongside their top drug-sniffing dog, Tulo. Duncan said Tulo is so good he even has his own publicity pictures.

Of course, as they say, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and it seems Tulo cannot be retrained to ignore marijuana.

Now Jax and Makai will have their moment. These young and very cute puppies can sniff out drugs without getting excited over the smell of pot. [9News]

A future with pups on board with pot? Now that’s a future we can get behind!



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