British Rapper Gets High in a Post Office (and Everywhere)

Weed is pretty illegal in England but that doesn’t matter much to the homie Black the Ripper. I stumbled upon his incredible account this morning after seeing this whack article call him out for his “shocking” crime.

Basically, Black the Ripper gets lit everywhere and uses the hashtag #LightUpEverywhere as he does exactly that. This guy basically does the loud challenge (aka get high in public) but rather than challenging other people, just keeps getting high in more outrageous places.

The article mentions that B the R got high in a supermarket, but that’s one of the lamer spots he’s smoked. Let’s go through his stoney ventures and see how he #LightsUpEverywhere:

In the Post Office:

Sending off these new @DankOfEngland orders #DankOfEngland ????

A photo posted by Ital Samson (@blacktheripper) on

With Security Guards:

????? The security at #Novikov are reppin #DankOfEngland ????

A video posted by Dank Of England (@dankofengland) on

Dancing Around the Streets of London/Hotboxing the London Eye

Getting high on the #LondonEye ??? Hotboxing this bitch @DankOfEngland style!!! #FreeTheWeed #DankOfEngland 4 Life ????

A video posted by Ital Samson (@blacktheripper) on

Hyde Park in front of Police Officers

Walking around #HydePark taking the piss out of these Feds loool #FreeTheWeed #LegalizeIt #DankOfEngland ??????

A video posted by Ital Samson (@blacktheripper) on

With Old Guys:

After the post office @blacktheripper bumped into an old friend #DankOfEngland ????

A video posted by Dank Of England (@dankofengland) on

Getting High in the ASDA (British 7-11):

@blacktheripper gettin high in #Asda #LightUpEverywhere #FreeTheWeed #DankOfEngland ?⛽?????

A video posted by Dank Of England (@dankofengland) on

Dumb? A little bit. Brash? For sure. Genius? You bet. Whether or not he can rap (who cares), he’s making a name for himself by sacking up and doing what few people on this planet have the balls to do: light up literally everywhere.

This man deserves a medal bong of honor.





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