Car Chase Ends With Drivers Doing Donuts, Taking Selfies

Cops in Los Angeles took legitimate 90 minutes before reeling in two “suspects” from a low speed car chase today. It’s unclear what the chase started over but there had to be weed involved or at least in the Mustang’s car.

Because rather than just speed away from cops and swerve in and out of traffic, these guys started spinning donuts:

And obeying traffic:

And then giving themselves up:

And then…taking a Selfie?

The timing for them to have gotten pulled over smoking a blunt is perfect here. The initial headrush came and they felt liberated/decided to go for it. Then they were like, hey we’re high, let’s spin some donuts. Then they forgot they were being chased. Then they were like, ugh, we’re tired, we need some food. Where are we meeting the homies? What were we doing?





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