Chief Keef Busted With Weed in Iowa, Held Without Bail


When your name is Chief Keef, it’s your duty to bring weed with you wherever you go. But when you’re also a pretty famous rapper, you should probably give your blunts and herb to someone in your entourage to carry.

Chief Keef was in Sioux Falls, Iowa where, on Sunday night, he performed a show to raise awareness for anti-bullying; NFL players and UFC fighters came out for the “great” event. Last night, while trying to leave Iowa, TSA found some chronic in his luggage:

Keith Cozart, who performs under the name Chief Keef, was arrested around 8:30 a.m. after airport security found two THC edibles and four blunts in his carry-on, said Sioux Falls Police spokesman Sam Clemens. [Argus Leader]

Timeout: Cheif Keef’s real name is Keith Cozart. That sounds more like the name of a pasty utility infielder for the Cincinnati Reds than born name of a rapper. Anyway, Cozart / Keef got drug paraphernalia and possession charges; he was held without bail yesterday morning.

Which is weird, cause he posted this within the last 24 hours:

When I be at home!!!

A post shared by Chief Keef (@chieffkeeffsossa) on

Look you can say it’s stupid for a rapper with millions of fans on social media and a recognizable face to carry around weed in Iowa…But the bigger point is that it’s insane rappers–let alone average people–still get arrested for goddamn weed in places like Iowa. Straight reefer madness prohibition bullshit at it’s finest.

And he’s…still in jail?

#FREESOSA indeed



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