Dave Chappelle Got Too Stoned Smoking Weed With Rappers in Detroit When Booed Off the Stage

The king of modern comedy returned to his throne this week with his Netflix specials, so expect a lot of Dave Chappelle in the news. Typically media shy, Chappelle returned to the press circuit last night on Jimmy Kimmel live, and the host showed a clip (from the specials) of Dave explaining why things went awry at the infamous Detroit show where he was viciously heckled then booed off the stage.

The takeaway: even if your Dave Chappelle, smoking potent weed with rappers before a performance isn’t the best idea.


Dave also explained why he doesn’t allow phones at shows:

“Anything I said in the room I was saying to everybody whether they were in the room or not, which is not an empowering feeling. It’s like Fight Club rules apply. What I’m saying to you I’d rather just keep it in the room. Comedians need the element of surprise.”

It’s good to have Dave back. Hopefully this means more Prince spoofs and Charlie Murphy aren’t far behind.




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