The Game Will Release a New Blunt Wrap on 4/20!

Photos by @elopez_trvp

If you’ve been paying attention to the always entertaining Shine Papers Snapchat–must see stuff curated by Creative Director Sour Matt–you’d know something was brewing with The Game. And brewing it was.

Cereal Ganjapreneur The Game has teamed up with Shine Papers for an all new “luxury broadleaf wrap” called the “Pure Leaf.” The joint effort will see The Game putting his name and brand behind another entry in his growing marijuana brand portfolio.

Since 2013, Shine has been hooking up high-class stoners with their premium, 24K gold papers. The brand also has a delectable line of unfilled wraps, and this latest entry should be a nice addition. The “Pure Leaf” featured a “handpicked, natural leaf pack” and hopes to set a new standard, as Shine CEO Dave Brown said

“We’re setting the quality control bar higher than ever, hand-selecting each leaf to give users the best taste and freshness ever experienced every single time.”  

Here’s what The Game had to say about his new deal:

“The absolute most important things to me in the cannabis industry are community and innovation, without them we have nothing. Shine’s brand exemplifies those values . We’re both in this business to help shape the future of our industry and community, and we intend on doing that together through innovative design and a “best in class” approach to manufacturing and customer support.” 

The rapper already owns a weed lemonade company, a marijuana dispensary and a pre-rolled joint brand (G Stiks). Snoop and Wiz may dominate the “stoner rap” headlines, but The Game is giving them and the entire weed game a run for their money.


game 2 insert

I’d like to see Jeff Sessions try to come after my mans with the RICO act…The Game would go Rico Suavay all over his punk ass.

Thanks to the homie Sour Matt for sending over the Press Release/prop tip!




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