George Michael (RIP in Peace) Smoked 25 Joints a Day

George Michael left us on Christmas, but he leaves behind a legacy filled with Careless Whispers–and apparently that of a very successful, grieving stoner.

Michael’s purported joint smokage–at 25 a day–rivals that of Snoop Dogg’s (who’s at an alleged 81 blunts a day). But Michael wasn’t smoking to get high. He was smoking as a coping mechanism to deal with the los so of his then deceased lover Anselmo Feleppa:

“It was around 25 joints a day. Older was pretty much recorded on cannabis. Who knows what you would have got out of me if you had come round then? I wasn’t drinking at the time – basically because I was too stoned.” [Mirror]

Marijuana can be used in many ways: as medicine, as an intoxicating drug, and in some ways, as a crutch. This would be one of those crutch cases.

25 joints can be considered far too many for the average person. It’s probably not the best idea for a lawyer or accountant to smoke 25 joints while he sifts through paperwork.

But for a grieving musician? Smoking 25 joints is definitely better than popping 25 pills or bottles to deal with a bad time.



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