Happy 44th Birthday to Snoop DOGG!!!

Snoop Dogg turned 44 today. The Doggfather dropped Doggystyle on November 23, 1993. That’s 22 years at the top of the rap game.

No rapper has arguably maintained cultural relevance and media popularity like Snoop in that time. Sure, Dre, Nas and Jay Z may be top dogs when it comes to the best of 90s Hip-Hop…But Snoop Dogg is one of the few still pumping out tracks and making his voice word.

And you know what? That legacy has a ton to do with his affection for weed. Whether lighting up with his son or giving Martha Stewart a case of second-hand smoke or now starting a weed hedge fund, Snoop has been making moves through weed since it all began.

Sure, his music is great (especially circa the 90s), but Snoop has become living proof that a) weed doesn’t inhibit your career (or parenthood) and that b) weed in an odd way extends and rejuvenates careers.

While Snoop could fade into Bolivia and leave the limelight if he wanted to, that doesn’t seem to be his plan: his plan seems to be marijuana mogul. And it’s hard to bet against Snoop not crushing the game for another 22 years in some way or the summer.

And at the beginning, Snoop was nothing but a basic stoner from Long Beach trying to spit some bars and get some credits on tunes. If you saw the new Straight Outta Compton (mostly meh), a young Snoop entering the studio, asking who the hell Suge Knight is, nearly getting killed by Suge, and then ultimately teaming up with Dre by simply free-styling for “Nuthin but a G Thang”

The rest is…history. Never change, Snoop.

(fun note, snoop claims he’s never listened to his masterpiece from start to finish…and it still hits like a ROOR Hookah):



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