Harambe OG Hashish Has Been Created

Dabs out for Harambe!

There’s a new OG in town: HARAMBE OG. The notorious Harambe has finally been immortalized in the form of hash.

Denver-based dispensary Natural Remedies‘ extraction branch, Concentrate Remedies, created this form of budder hash (aka “dabs”) by blending the strains Gorilla Glue, Deadhead OG, Angel OG, Traingle Kush and LA Kush together. The crew then had to name the hash–which is when this accidental ode to Harambe happened.

As Concentrate Remedies’ Lab Manager and TerpQuester Ry Prichard told me,

“I ended up with a lot of Gorilla Glue, Deadhead OG, and a selection of other OGs. So as I was coming up with the name, I just kept hitting the ‘Dead Gorilla OG’ wall, which led me directly to Harambe.”

Ry almost named the hash blend “Harambe’s Angel” but ultimately settled on the simpler “Harambe’s OG” that is now on Natural Remedies’ shelf. The glove clearly fits when you factor in that Harambe is (sadly) dead (Deadhead OG), Harambe is a gorilla (Gorilla Glue), and he’s an angel (Angel OG).


Thus, Harambe OG was born and the legend of Harambe can finally be immortalized in the form of THC-laden dabs. Though Dabs will only be out for Harambe for a limited time only and will likely sell out in a matter of days–until the same blend presents itself.

For those wondering if this is a strain of weed, it’s not. Dispensaries often take different kinds of trim (the leaf from weed) and blast into hash–and then come up with a name for it. And that’s what happened here and how the name came to be.

Naturally, it’s now only a matter of time before an actual strain gets named after Harambe. Harambe’s OG legacy joins the likes of Peyton Manning (Manning OG), Jeremy Lin (Linsanity OG), Justin Bieber (Bieber OG), and countless other “OGs”.

In the mean time, anyone can dab Harambe OG by swinging by Natural Remedies, which is located in the Lower Downtown area of Denver and hooks up both medical patients and recreational smokers with some of the best herb in Denver.

#DabsOutForHarambe indeed





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