Joe Rogan Says: Legalize Weed So No One Goes to Jail

There’s a lot of reasons why weed should be legal. Marijuana is real medicine (see: cancer, seizures, etc.) and legalization produces much money to better society.

But perhaps the most obvious and relatable reason to legalize (or decriminalize) cannabis is a very simple yet overlooked one: people still go to jail and stay in jail a long time for this plant. Joe Rogan used his pulpit and following to make this point in a very poetic way:

The only cage stoners belong in is an MMA cage (see: Nick Diaz) so they can use marijuana (see: CBD) to heal their battle wounds. Joe Rogan is definitely out there, but man, he keeps it real when it comes to weed and his status as a UFC announcer makes it all the more awesome.

I can’t fathom how many people who smuggled weed in the last 30 years are currently in jail but the number is higher than one and that’s way too high. We need national and worldwide decriminalization.

And we need the UN or whoever holds the key to the world to just say “enough is enough, let our stoners go”.



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